2020 Tribe Survey

2020 Boys Summer Travel Lacrosse Options


Due to the Pandemic, our summer lacrosse season has been put on holdfrom competitive play  until it is safe to return, for parents, players, coaches and referees.  We are aggressively looking at a June 1st start date, when the fields may be available. 

If this is not an option, due to pandemic escalation or phase 1 extension,  we are looking at start dates of June 15 and July 1, 2020.  Any date after July 1, we will scrap summer travel lacrosse plans and prepare for the start of the True Lacrosse fall regional travel lacrosse teams.

The Tribe lacrosse director, committee and coaches, would like to get your input on the summer travel lacrosse options. We have broken it down into 4 possible scenarios.


1. A “traditional season” which would entail two practices a week and tournament play.

a. 1 tournament   (estimated cost for season $425)
b. 2 tournaments  (estimated cost for season $550)
c. 3 tournaments  (estimated cost for season $795)

2. A “Tribe-Shooters season” which would entail two practices a week, weekend play at Shooters and 1 tournament.

(estimated cost for season $550)

3. A “Shooters season” which would entail two practices a week, weekend play at Shooters.

(estimated cost for season ($425)

4. A summer session with as many clinics and pickup games as we can manage. This would entail True Lacrosse on the weekend and during the week. We would probably have a designated night of the week for open pickup games.

(estimated cost for summer $25)


Each of these options will have some fees associated. The first three options will include coaching fees and field fees. Option four may have cost associated with field usage.

Please Choose 1 of the 4 Options





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